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All LFLA players are required to wear LFLA gear (uniforms and helmets) for practices and games.  If a player did not receive an LFLA practice jersey, they should tell their coach and it  will be provided.  Players are required to purchase their own LFLA uniform.  Helmets and jerseys representing other club programs will not be permitted for practices or games.  If a player continuously shows up in non-LFLA gear (e.g. helmets, jerseys, stickers, etc...) the player will be asked to sit out practice and/or a game.





Registration Fees: All registration fees are generally non-refundable once the registration process is complete.  Exceptions to this policy are as follows:

  • Partial Refund (Withdrawal): If a participant withdraws from the program before its start date, a partial refund may be granted minus an administrative fee.  

  • Pro-rated Refund (Injury): In case of injury or medical condition preventing participation, a pro-rated refund may be provided upon submission of a medical certificate. The request should be made within a specified timeframe from the injury occurrence.  

  • No Refund (Participant Dismissal): No refund will be provided if a participant is dismissed from the program due to disciplinary reasons or violation of the program’s code of conduct.

  • Program Cancellation: If the program is canceled by the organizers due to unforeseen circumstances, participants will receive a full or partial refund, depending on the situation. This does not include game or tournament cancellations.


Refund Process: Refund requests must be submitted in writing to Processing time for refunds varies and will be communicated to the participant.

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